Reality Sucks…So do Holidays

As Robin Williams said once, "Reality Sucks".

Every year the rush begins to shove the holiday season down our throats whether we like it or not. This year, the decorations were up even earlier…like BEFORE Thanksgiving in some places I saw. The retailers and shopping centers/Malls are forcing holiday shopping on us and we have to take it or move to another planet. I mean, I HATE Christmas.

I grew up a Catholic boy. Until 5th grade that is. I was in class one day and the lay teacher (a teacher in a Catholic School that is NOT a nun) decided that my answer to her question may have been a little smart mouthed. Heh, it was. I hated her, hated being in that school, hated the rigidity of the whole religion thing. She took off a shoe and threw it at me. Yep. Threw her shoe at me. I got up and walked out. Went home. My mom was shocked that I would do something like this, so we went back and I was, ahem, disciplined by the head nun, a little hand smacking with a golden ruler. It hurt. But, the next day, I was going to public school and never looked back. Even stopped going to waste of time Sunday church.

So, we celebrated Christmas. every year, we had Christmas Eve dinner and opened one present each. The next day was the big present surprise. Each year the ‘rents would give us something spectacular as a big gift. Even though I knew we could not afford such things normally. One year they gave my brother and I both Gold StingRay Bicycles. They were awesome. A few months later, they were both stolen. Right from our front yard. Never saw them again. Great.

Now, many years later, Christmas has become an advertising do or die for retailers. I hear all the time about how the holiday season will make or break this yeas sales for retailers. Hmmmm…. even when I was in Catholic school, Christmas was a religious thing, celebrated by high mass and other time wasting events leading to the big day. Nothing had to do with presents. Oh wait… something did.

The 3 wise men, brought gifts…GIFTS,  to the baby Jesus. Is that where this started? Are we all wise men and baby Jesus’ now? And why Christmas? Why not Hannukah? or Kwanza? It just shows how powerful the Catholic Church is and was.

The problem is, no one seems to care about the religious part. Neither do I. And I do not buy gifts. Sure, I put my name on a card that my girlfriend gets to go with a gift "we" are giving to someone, but I do not buy anything for anyone. Don’t care.

Because I CANNOT AFFORD AND I KNOW IT! I really don’t care about anyones feeling in regard to this. It is an advertising/retailing nightmare dumped on us every year. And it gets worse every year as desires for the latest and greatest make it onto wish lists and feelings are hurt when the good stuff never materializes. Families get together and when the holidays are over, may not speak to one another for months because of something really stupid… "they bought me this and I don’t like it.."

Screw that. Just give me a day to day life and let me have the things I should have, give the things I can afford to those who have nothing, and screw the rest. I don’t need grabby, selfish people to be my friends, or family.

Welcome to reality.