Getting a little better…

Well, I got some work. A little work.

I do Macintosh computer consulting and networking. Have been a Mac junkie for over 25 years now, since the first one is 84. I have been trying to get back to my former clients and customers to get them to call me and give me some work. I got a few calls and finally, got two that are going to help out with the bills.

It really is difficult when you are not working at all and you are trying really hard to advertise on a limited budget, get your name out there by social networking, and, anything else you can think of. I have been doing all of them since I left my trucking job. Not much result so far.

I also have a great girlfriend that I have been living with for over 4 years now. We are ‘Domestic Partners’. She does not want to get married. The partners thing is cool though. She just moved to a new job in a great company with very progressive benefits. One of which is Medical Coverage for Domestic Partners of same or opposite sex.

Hey, I’m the opposite sex! Yea me. I finally get Medical insurance again. I think companies who allow partners to be covered is very cool because I read that around 40% of couples do not get married for several years, if at all. This is huge. It means that the idea of marriage is slowly being moved aside to allow partners, same sex or opposite, to be considered as a couple. It just is minus the legal crap of a piece of paper.

Oh, there are agreements to be signed, etc… but I don’t care about them. Personally, I’ll sign anything she wants. As long as she still loves me in the morning.