Life Sucks when you don’t work

Well, it has been a while since I blogged, but not much has changed. I did get work in November with a trucking company/juice manufacturer. Had to quit. They were running me heavy hauling apples and I don’t like being lied to.  So, back to being unemployed.
But, I get this letter in the mail asking if I wanted to join a young company with new Peterblt tractors and brand new flat bed trailers. Looked good and I called and went to see them. Great trucks, but not a fan, super easy trailers to haul and work was OK. But I stressed at the interview I wanted to be home at least twice a week and no weekend work at all. they said yes, but did nothing to get me home. After awhile I was so tired and lonely being out there for a week at a time and only 34 hours at home, I had to stop.
So, back to unemployed again.
Blink, blink, ….

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