Things can change…

In a blink of an eye.

I have heard that one before and can verify it to be true.Let’s go back 3 years. Here I am a fairly successful Macintosh Consultant, fixing Macs, installing networks, working for myself. Got bored with it though and started slacking and lost some business to the ‘ease of use’ Macs are famous for. And they are so easy I wasn’t called much for work because the users could easily fix them.

Decided to go back to a job that I had done 20+ years ago… Driving Trucks. Big Trucks. Dump Trucks. But I thought maybe I’d do one better and go for Tractor Trailer. Always wanted to drive one. So, I went to a company that hires you after you go through their school. Great school and instructors. Learned a lot and quickly mastered the 80,000 pound rigs. Worked for them for a while, but could not get used to being away for 5-6 days at a time and missed my new family very much. Took its toll and I soon was looking for local driving work.

Fast forward about 11 months, a new job, and I am on a job site delivering a load of lumber with my little forklift that hangs off the back of my trailer. It had rained a lot in the last few days and it was fairly cold. As I was trundling along a dirt path to the drop area, one of my wheels became very stuck in the mud. So, being a do-it-myself kind of guy, I grabbed a shovel and started digging. One shovelful however, decided not to come up when I lifted and turned to dump it. I never felt anything, not then.


By the time I got back to my lumber yard I was a little sore, but seemed OK. Seemed being the keyword here. I filled out my mileage report and started to climb down out of the Mack’s cab. Blink. I just about collapsed on the driveway. My back had completely given out and I was jelly.

I did my best to finish my post-trip and checked my rig. I then did my best to walk normally. Not good at all as a couple of my friends saw me struggling and came to help me into the office. I went to the company doctor and then had some tests done and turns out I had a bulging disc.

Now, I had only been driving for one year and was really liking it. The big truck, the hassles 4-wheelers gave me, the fun backing into tight spots that most thought could not be done, it was all great. Now, I am medically restricted from driving. I sit in an office at a desk and do the most boring job I have ever seen… data entry. Although I get paid the same rate as a truck driver, very well for a desk jockey, I cannot seem to do this job and like it.

Life blinked. I ended with a lousy job I hate and I really miss driving the trucks. the back pain is bearable but prevents me from doing normal stuff like work around the house, even cutting grass.

Life blinked and I got hit. At 50, I guess I am lucky to be making a decent wage and even working, but I really miss my calling… big trucks.


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