Date Night, Movie and Mexican

Well, it was date night last night. We always try to go out on at least one weekend night and have some fun, just the 2 of us.

Last night we went to see Robin Williams in RV. Then went to get Mexican at our new favorite spot La Tolteca.

The movie was funny. Robin Williams was at his best as usual.  the movie was not too predictable so it was great to watch and laugh out loud at.

the food was as usual real good. I love Mexican food and these guys/girls can whip up some real good traditional foods. So traditional in fact, they ask you to order by number so you don’t have to try to pronounce the spanish names.

Finished off night by wandering around the Mall. No big deal, I don’t really like Malls, but I was so full, it seemed an OK idea to walk off the dinner.

Next week? Who knows. Movies have not been THAT good lately so I’m not usre if we go out or Netflix this weekend. Maybe order in some Thai Beef Salad. Yummmm.


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